Apple Art Library

I was overjoyed to stumble across a great find on a near quarter century old Macintosh CD recently; the Apple Art Library!

Macworld 1999 magazine PDFs

Here's some Saturday evening entertainment for you: all of the Macworld UK magazines from 1999 in PDF format!

Mac Selection Shovelware CDs

Following on from my previous post discussing my magazine cover disc collection, I've been poring over a bunch of early CDs and came across a couple of gems I'd forgotten I had; Mac Selection volumes 6 and 7!

Magazine cover discs aka shiny little plastic time capsules

Whilst it’s loads of fun tinkering with old Mac computers and playing old games, the experience is inherently in the abstract; it’s 2018 and we’re doing this stuff decades after the fact. But there are ways to immerse ourselves more fully in the moment.

Apple Peripheral Systems brochure

Well, it's been a while since my last substantive article so I thought I'd scan and upload some decades old Apple marketing literature!


Because inclusivity starts at your start up screen!

Transferring files between vintage Macs and the modern world

You’ve got a vintage Macintosh and some games on floppy but you want more! From where, I hear you cry! From the web, of course! 

Putting preaching into practice and helping a hobbyist out

I've waxed lyrical recently about the value of software preservation, particularly the preservation of software from floppy disks, and had a chance to put my philosophy to the test when a cry for help went up in a Macintosh group on Facebook.

Battle of the Disk Copy versions

So, my previous article raised a few heckles here and there but I did learn something interesting regarding Disk Copy.

The best way to preserve Macintosh software from floppy disks

I've been mulling lately on how to best preserve Mac software that's tucked away on floppy disks, and I've got some thoughts to share.

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