Creating Macintosh disk images for the Internet Archive

Following up from my last article, the Internet Archive's Macintosh emulator is awesome and a huge achievement, and you can get involved!

Early Macintosh emulated in-browser

Hello! Apologies for the radio silence, it's been a busy few months with home, family, and work, but also vintage Mac stuff! Not least of all, I've been working on the Internet Archive's mind-blowing in-browser emulation of early Macintosh software!

Weird: Steve Jobs cut out and dress PDF

One of the joys of hauling software off of hundreds of 1990's-era Macintosh magazine cover CDs is the really weird stuff you find. And, boy!, is this one weird!

Zine: About This Particular Macintosh

E-zines were a staple of early computer fandom across many of the various platform userbases, and Macintosh wasn't excluded!

Zip archives of all my shareware software

Fancy downloading everything? Well, here's everything for you, then!

Ebola Monkey Bingo game review

Randomly throwing words into the "Search Games" field, I came across Ebola Monkey Bingo and was rather intrigued...

20,000 shareware Macintosh utils now live!

And just like that, we have the shareware utilities up and live!

4000 shareware Macintosh games now available

Yup, you read it right! There are 4000 vintage Macintosh shareware games now available for download from VintageAppleMac.com!

It's official! We're live!

VintageAppleMac.com is up and running and open to the public!

Almost ready to launch the site properly...

So, it's been a little while since I last updated the site, but a lot has been happening that'll make VintageAppleMac.com a really useful website.

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